In this great video, Convention of States (COS) admits the Article V Convention (LR6) will open every section of the Constitution! This is the same resolution Sen. Ebke has introduced in Nebraska through LR6. The hearing will be held February 1, 2017. It will be important for you to show up and hopefully you will testify as to why we do not want to place our Constitution "at risk". Email Legislators to let them know how you want them to vote and why!

Robert Kelly, staff counsel for convention of states, explains that the resolution opens every section of the US Constitution. This is exactly why we say the resolution is an assault on our constitution.

If proponents of an Article 5 Convention (Constitutional Convent) are successful, it will be totally possible for individuals such as Soros, groups like Wolfpack to come in and commandeer and rewrite our Constitution. It stands to reason, given the position of liberals in our country, that we would lose such important things as our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms and many others.

Watch and share with your friends and neighbors. Be sure they understand this is not a narrowly written resolution. This video proves that Mark Meckler, Convention of States Project founder, deliberately mislead the Legislature's Government, Military and Veteran Affairs Committee when he testified last session in support of LR35, Senator Ebke's attempt to pass an Article V Convention (Constitutional Convention).