Category: Convention of States/Con-Con

LR14 was introduced by Senator Halloran on January 8, 2021.

This is the "Convention of States" resolution, that if passed will endanger our U.S. Constitution.

The Government, Military & Veteran Affairs Committee has scheduled the hearing for 2/10/2021.  Prepare your written testimony.  If you testify in person, take 12 copies with you.

When submitting written testimony:

1.  E-mail written testimony to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to noon on 2/9/2021. 

2.  Include your name and address

3.  Include the LR number

4.  Clearly state that you oppose LR14

5.  Request your testimony be included in the official hearing record.

Talk with your neighbors and write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to let them know why LR14 is dangerous to the future of our Nation.