Included here are some of the legislation introduced in Nebraska's 2017 Legislature.  Bill numbers are hyper-linked so you can read the bill for yourself.  The second column may contain a "Y" or "N", indicating whether we support passage of the bill.  If a hearing date has been identified, it is listed along with a short reason for our support or lack of support. 

Nebraska Eagle Forum sends a survey to every candidate for State Legislature. If the survey is not returned by deadline, a “Did Not Respond” is put by the candidate’s name. Nebraska Eagle Forum representatives interview candidates to clarify a candidate’s position as needed. Input from members of our local Chapter network around the State may also be of assistance. Criteria for a Nebraska Eagle Forum endorsement includes a returned survey and agreement with major principles on the survey. Concurrence with Nebraska Eagle Forum’s position on every survey question is not required for an endorsement.  

With incumbents or individuals who have prior voting records that are conservative and have been supportive of the Constitution, such items are also taken into consideration. 

Individuals endorsed by Nebraska Eagle Forum have been highlighted in yellow on the results page.